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Why Jewish Film?


For the discriminating individual who wants to learn more about Jewish culture, Israel, the Holocaust, Yiddish, Jewish life and World Jewry. All DVDs are in English or subtitled in English.


Our History


Ergo Media Inc. was founded in 1986. From the start, Ergo Media has focused its attention on making available quality film, video and DVDs about the Jewish experience.

Our Products


 The Ergo Collection, with over 250 titles, includes children's videos, documentaries, "how-to" videos, American, Israeli and Yiddish classics, educational programs and music/art DVDs. 

Ergo Media inc.

Your Address for Quality Jewish-oriented Film!

Ergo chooses films for distribution based on the quality and prestige of the material, their authenticity and their marketability. The Israel Collection includes many of the great classics of Israeli cinema like HILL 24 DOESN'T ANSWER (1955), THEY WERE TEN (1961) and THE SUMMER OF AVIYA (1989), along with many contemporary feature films, documentaries, short features and student films. The Ergo Yiddish Library features films about Yiddish culture, children's films and many of the great Yiddish language films made in the United States and Poland before World War II, like YIDL MITN FIDL (1936) and TEVYE DER MILKHIKER (Tevye the Dairyman, 1939), on which "Fiddler on the Roof" was based. We also have North American film classics like LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME (1975) and THE ASSISTANT (1997). Rounding out Ergo's holdings are DVDs on Jewish holidays, tradition, identity and culture.

All DVDs are licensed and priced for home use only. Any other use is prohibited without permission. U.S. Copyright Law requires special licensing for the public performance of DVDs, even when no admission is charged. Contact us for information on licensing.



Study Guides for a few of our Jewish holiday DVDs!

"Passover Adventure" Study Guide (pdf)


"New Year's Leave" Study Guide (pdf)


"Grandpa's Tree" Study Guide (pdf)


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